Eveline Cosmetics 8in1 TOTAL ACTION Intensive nail conditioner (first impressions)


In my search for the perfect nail growth, nail conditioning, nail recovery polish I came across this gem from Eveline cosmetics. The nail polish is called 8in1 TOTAL ACTION Intensive nail conditioner and according to the description of the product it claims to “effectively regenerating and reconstructing the nail. Tighten, maximally hardens and stimulate the growth of nail plate. Improve flexibility making nails more resistant to mechanical injuries. Protects against cracking, braking and splitting. Helps to restore smooth surface and gloss shine to damaged and matt nails.”

I will have to admit to being guilty of trying out various of nail strength products in the past, I have tried Essie Millionails, China Glaze Nail Strengthener & Growth formula, OPI Orginial Nail Envy Nail strengthener and while all of there products are great none of them seemed to be the right one for my nails. While I did have a good experience with all of them, (review and comparison might some later) I will hands down choose this polish over the others.

I like this product for a number of reasons. The results are there just after the first use I’ve noticed that my nails became harder and more durable. Before I started using this product I was afraid to open a soda can and now I managed to do so without any trouble amd the best part was; my nails didn’t actually break!

The other amazing feature about this product is that the nails grow faster while you use it. Hopefully it’s not just my nails, but with regular use as instructed I have seen a significant amount of growth in my nails. The formula itself is white but turns out milky after 4 days of use, which is when you are supposed to restart the process.

I am using this product under any coloured nail polish; surprisingly it doubles as a great base coat too!

I recommend this product to anyone who wants to grow strong and healthy nails in a couple of days. It’s really worth it and I can’t be happier with it.


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